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    History and American West Titles

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    A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West by Nicolas S. Witschi. Focuses on the intersections, complexities, and challenges found within and between the different historical and cultural groups that define the west's various distinctive regions.  More details
    "All Labor Has Dignity "All Labor Has Dignity  by Martin Luther King, Jr.  Edited and introduction by Michael K. Honey. A collection of 15 of King’s speeches (12 previously unpublished) on workers’ rights. Indexed. 224 pages. More details.
    Alliss' 19th Hole Alliss' 19th Hole Trivial Delights from the World of Golf
    by Peter Alliss with Rab Macwilliam. Collection of golf facts, anecdotes and history told in the wry voice of the man Golf Digest called the “best golf commentator ever.” Indexed. 164 pages. 
    More details.
    A Pictorial Early History of the Wood River Valley A Pictorial Early History of the Wood River Valley by Sandra Hofferber. A brief overview of the history of the Wood River Valley in Idaho for those who are visiting the area or school groups studying it for the first time. Illustrated with historic photos/ Indexed. 171 pages.. More details.
    The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism Challenging History in the Great Lakes by Neal Ferris. A reconsideration of Native American adaptation and resistance to colonial British rule across five centuries of interaction, showing how Native communities succeeded in retaining cohesiveness through centuries of foreign influence and material innovations by maintaining ancient, adaptive social processes that both incorporated European ideas and reinforced historically understood notions of self and community. Indexed 226 pages. More details.
    The Big Burn

    Big History
    Calamity Jane

    The Big Burn Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America
    by Timothy Egan.  Indexed. 336 pages. More details.

    Big History From the Big Bang to the Present
    by Cynthia Stokes Brown. A multidisciplinary history of the Earth and humankind. Indexed. 288 pages. More details.

    Calamity Jane The Woman and the Legend
    by James . The definitive biography of Martha Canary, the woman popularly known as Calamity Jane. Illustrated with maps and historic photos. Indexed. 378 pages. More details.

    Chaco and After in the Northern San Juan Chaco and After in the Northern San Juan Excavations at the Bluff Great House by Catherine M. Cameron. An in-depth archeaological study of Chaco region of Colorado and Utah, the great Ancestral Pueblo site of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, clarifying the relationship of “outlying” great houses to Chaco Canyon. Indexed. 341 pages. More details
    Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares The Love, Lore, and Mystique of Mushrooms by Greg A. Marley. Describes the wonders and mysteries of mushrooms, and our conflicting human reactions to them. Illustrated with 16 color plates. Indexed. 263 pages. More details
    Drinking History Drinking History Fifteen Turning Points in the Making of American Beverages by Andrew F. Smith. A companion book to Eating History: Thirty Turning Points in the Making of American Cuisine, this volume recounts the individuals, ingredients, corporations, controversies, and myriad events responsible for America's diverse and complex beverage scene. Indexed. 319 pages.. More details.
    Food and Faith in Christian Culture Food and Faith in Christian Culture by Ken Albala and Trudy Eden. Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History series title. Anthology of essays on the intersection of food and faith from the 14th to the 21st century, charting the complex relationship among religious eating habits and politics, culture, and social structure. Indexed. 265 pages. More details.
    God and Gold God and Gold Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World by Walter Russell Mead. An illuminating account of the birth and rise of the global political and economic system that, sustained first by Britain and now by America, created the modern world.  More details.
    The Heart of Everything That Is The Heart of Everything That Is The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.  More details.
    History's Greatest Conspiracies History's Greatest Conspiracies One Hundred Plots, Real and Suspected, That have Shocked, Fascinated, and Sometimes Changed the World by H. Paul Jeffers. A survey of conspiracies from biblical times to today. 323 pages. More details.
    Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology as Historical Process Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology as Historical Process by Kenneth E. Sassaman and Donald H. Holly Jr. Amerind Studies in Archaeology series title. Collection of papers on recent hunter-gatherer research presented at the Amerind Foundation in 2008 demonstrating that hunter-gatherer societies were more complex than simple remnants of a prehistoric past. Indexed. 341 pages. More details.
    The Insect and the Image The Insect and the Image Visualizing Nature in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700 by Janice Neri. The author explores the ways images of insects in manuscripts, still life paintings, the decorative arts, embroidery, and textile design defined the insect as a proper subject of study for Europeans of the early modern period. Illustrated with historic photos and woodcuts. Indexed. 233 pages. More details.
    It Happened on the Oregon Trail It Happened on the Oregon Trail by Tricia Martineau Wagner. Describes 30 unusual, remarkable, little known events that happened along the trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Indexed. 172 pages. More details.
    Life of a Solider on the Western Frontier Life of a Solider on the Western Frontier by Jeremy Agnew. A history of the Indian Wars in the U.S. from the perspective of both the military and the Indians and examines all aspects of the post Civil War army, including its organization, its weapons, and its personnel. Appendix summaries of significant battles and selected western forts. Illustrated with B&W photos. Indexed. 265 pages. More details.
    Louisiana Haunted Forts Louisiana Haunted Forts by Elaine Coleman. Historical adventures and intriguing tales of supernatural happenings at Louisiana forts. Indexed. 180 pages. More details.
    Marco Polo Marco Polo From Venice to Xanadu by Laurence Bergreen. Biography of the legendary traveler, drawing on original writings and walking in the footsteps of Marco Polo himself. Indexed. 415 pages. More details.
    Mexico and the Spanish Conquest Mexico and the Spanish Conquest by Ross Hassig. Second Edition. Explores the role indigenous peoples played in the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Indexed. 259 pages. More details.
    Nature's Northwest Nature's Northwest The North Pacific Slope in the Twentieth Century by William G. Robbins and Katrine Barber. Modern American West series title. A history of the region within a national and international context. Illustrated with maps and b/w photos. Indexed. 286 pages. More details.
    Ocheho and Ochoco Ocheho and Ochoco: An Evolutionary History by Wayne Kee. History of the Ochoco region of central Oregon focusing on the origins of the word Ochoco. Illustrated with historic maps and photos. More details.
    Oratory in Native North America Oratory in Native North America by William M. Clements. Examines speeches made by Native Americans throughout North America as recorded by whites, such as observations of treaty negotiations, accounts by travelers, missionaries' reports, captivity narratives, and soldiers' memoirs. Indexed. 186 pages. More details.
    Planning Paradise Planning Paradise Politics and Visioning of Land Use in Oregon
    by Peter A. Walker and Patrick T. Hurley . Ttell the story of Oregon’s unique land-use planning system from its rise in the early 1970s to its near-death experience in the first decade of the 2000s.  Indexed. 287 pages. More details.
    Remembering The Battle of the Crater Remembering The Battle of the Crater War as Murder by Kevin M. Levin. New Directions in Southern History series title. Shared recollections of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and the the United States Colored Troops (USCT) under Union Brigadier General Edward Ferrero. Indexed. 184 pages. More details.
    Rocky Mountain Heartland Rocky Mountain Heartland Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming in the Twentieth Century by Duane A. Smith. A history of the major social, political, and economic events of the 20th century in the Rocky Mountain West. Illustrated with 23 B&W photos, 1 map. Indexed, 204 pages.. More details
    The Romantic Machine The Romantic Machine Utopian Science and Technology after Napoleon by John Tresch. hile Previous scholars have viewed romanticism and industrialization in opposition during the, this groundbreaking volume reveals how thoroughly entwined science and the arts were in early 19th century France and how they worked together to unite a fractured society. Indexed. 449 pages. More details
    The Settlers' War The Settlers' War The Struggle for the Texas Frontier in the 1860s
    by Gregory Michno. History of conflicts between Comamches, Kiowas and Apaches with homesteaders on the Texas frontier during the bloodiest years of the Indian Wars. Indexed. 447 pages..
    More details
    The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo by Nathan Muncaster. Historical novel based on the events of the Cinco de Mayo conflict and the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. 262 pages. More details.
    Stones Witness Stones Witness by Margaret Randall. Essays, poetry and photographs exploring the author's connections to land and landscape, history and culture, language and memory, drawing from the events of her own rich history to create a universal link between place, time, and identity. 177 pages. More details.
    Ten Tea Parties NewTen Tea Parties Patriotic Protests That History Forgot  by Joseph Cummins. History of the Philadelphia Tea Party (December 1773), the York, Maine, Tea Party (September 1774), the Wilmington, North Carolina, Tea Party (March 1775) and the more famous Boston Harbor Tea Party. Indexed. 224 pages.. More details.
    The Undying West NewThe Undying West A Chronicle of Montana's Camas Prairie by Carlene Cross. A moving chronicle of life, past and present, on western Montana's Camas Prairie. Photos by the author. Indexed. 226 pages.  More details.
    What What Were They Thinking? What Were They Thinking? Really Bad Ideas Throughout History
    by Bruce Felton. Humorous compendium of some 400 harebrained schemes, useless products, and misguided obsessions. 304 pages. More details.
    Year of the Fires Year of the Fires The Story of the Great Fires of 1910 by Stephen J. Pyne. Tells the story of the catastrophic fires of 1910 that scorched millions of acres across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Illustrated with B&W photos. Indexed. 322 pages. More details.
    Raiders of the Civil War Untold Stories of Actions Behind the Lines by Russ A. Pritchard Jr. Large format. Illustrated with historic photos and drawings. Accounts of Civil War rescues, escapades and sabotage. Indexed. 143 pages. More details.
    1215 The Year of Magna Carta by Danny Danziger and John Gillingham. Trade paperback, new. First Touchstone Edition. A portrait of life in Medieval England. Indexed. 312 pages. More details.
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  • The Timetables of History A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events
    Plain Enemies
    Plain Enemies
    Best True Stories of the Frontier West
    by Robert J. "Bob" Scott

    Treachery at Sharpnose Point
    Treachery at Sharpnose Point Unraveling the Mystery of the Caledonia's Final Voyage

    Forbidden Religion Forbidden Religion Suppressed Heresies of the West edited by J. Douglas Kenyon. An introduction to the history of heretical religious traditions in Western civilization. Includes 16-page color insert and 100 B&W illustrations. 308 pages. More details.
    The Lost Patrol The Mounties' Yukon Tragedy by Dick North. Attempts to solve the mystery of the doomed journey that has gone down in Mountie annals as the Lost Patrol. Illustrated with B&W photos. Indexed. 147 pages. More details.
    Maverick Autobiographies Women Writers and the American West, 1900-1936, by Cathryn Halverson. First Edition. This book looks at women writers who came from the West, telling three larger-than-life stories of Mary MacLane, Opal Whiteley, and Juanita Harrison. More details.
    Liberty's Children Stories of Eleven Revolutionary War Children by Scotti McAuliff Cohn. Trade paperback. First Edition. Stories in this book illustrate what it was really like for children during the Revolutionary War. Indexed. 136 pages. 
    More details.
    More Than Petticoats History series by The Globe Pequot Press. Stories of remarkable women whose courage and contributions made a profound impact on the history of the West. More details.
    Tony and the Cows: A True Story from the Range Wars. A reassessment of the roots of contemporary eco-philosophy in all its manifestations, inspired by a human tragedy. More history.
    A Tenderfoot in Montana Reminiscences of the Gold Rush, the Vigilantes, and the Birth of Montana Territory by Francis M. Thompson. Montana Historical Society Press, 2004. More history.


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    Ishi: Last of His Tribe
    From the Ganges to the Snake River : An East Indian in the American West
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