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Snowy Egret Vol. 75
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A Grouse Hunter's Almanac A Grouse Hunter's Almanac The Other Kind of Hunting by Mark Parman.  Essays on grouse hunting and all that it entails, from the early autumnal season of the hunt in the Northwoods through to its end in the snows of January. Bibliography. 227 pages. Look closely
Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia edited by John B. Jensen, Carlos D. Camp, Whit Gibbons, and Matt J. Elliott. Detailed information about 170 species of frogs, salamanders, crocodilians, lizards, snakes, and turtles. Illustrated with nearly 500 color photographs, 24 line drawings and 200 range maps. 4 pounds. 592 pages. Indexed. Look closely
Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney. Paleogeographic maps illustrate how numerous past landscapes gave rise to the Colorado Plateau’s stunning geologic formations. Large format. 100 full-color maps and illustrations. Indexed. 156 pages.. Look closely
The Bark River Chronicles The Bark River Chronicles Stories from a Wisconsin Watershed
by Milton J. Bates. Wisconsin history, archeology, natural science, and current environmental issues. Indexed. 293 pages.  Look closely
But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees by Marsh Rat Annie. Poetry and short story collection looking at the wild side of life in the coastal marshlands of South Carolina through the eyes of animals.. Look closely
But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment by Timothy Clark, Scholarly introduction to environmental criticism, providing a set of conceptual tools to encourage students to look at the texts they're reading in a new way. Indexed. 254 pages.. Look closely
Canyon Crossing Canyon Crossing Experiencing Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim by Seth Muller. Describes the Corridor Trails of the Grand Canyon. Indexed. 260 pages. Look closely
The Curse of the Labrador Duck The Curse of the Labrador Duck My Obsessive Quest to the Edge of Extinction by Glen Chilton. The world's leading authority on the extinct Labrador Duck shares the story of his frenzied obsession to reveal the histories behind the mysterious bird. 305 pages. Look closely
Dinosaur Dinosaur Four Seasons on the Green and Yampa Rivers by Hal Crimmel with photographs by Steve Gaffney. Desert Places series title. A text-and-photos portrait of Dinosaur National Monument and two of the West’s legendary whitewater rivers.. Look closely
Dinosaur Entering the Stone On Caves and Feeling through the Dark by Barbara Hurd. Reprint edition. The second volume in a nature writing trilogy that includes with "Stirring the Mud" and "Walking the Wrack Line." 170 pages. Look closely
Falling Stars Falling Stars A Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by Mike D. Reynolds. Resource guide for meteor watching, including advice on recording data, photographing meteors, the meteorological calendar, etc. Illustrated with 54 b&w photos. Indexed. 150 pages. Look closely
Field Notes Field Notes by Richard Quinney . Essays and photographs that examine the beauty of the world and ponder our place in it. Illustrated with photos by the author. Bibliography.. Look closely
Fire in the Forest Fire in the Forest by Peter Thomas and Robert McApline.  An in-depth, yet readable look at the complex science behind the physics of fire, the ecological role of fire and the fire suppression challenge. Indexed. 225 pages. Look closely
Grand Canyon Little Things in a Big Place by Ann Zwinger. Desert Places series title. Illustrated with photographs by Michael Collier. Bibliography. Look closely
Grasses of South Texas Grasses of South Texas A Guide to Identification and Value by James H. Everitt, D. Lynn Drawe, Christopher R. Little and Robert I. Lonard. This field guide catalogs 250 taxa, representing 9 subfamilies, 15 tribes, and 88 genera. Detailed descriptions, accompanied by color photographs, cover 175 native species and 75 that were introduced. Indexed. 336 pages.. Look closely
The Heart of the Sound The Heart of the Sound An Alaskan Paradise Found and Nearly Lost
by Marybeth Holleman. he story of how nature's resiliency has been severely tested by the ecological tragedy brought about by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1989. 206 pages. Look closely
Hunter's Log Hunter's Log by Timothy Murphy. Hunting poetry inspired by the treeless windswept landscapes of the northern plains, especially the rural countryside of North Dakota. 107 pages. Look closely
Lake Effect Lake Effect Tales of Large Lakes, Arctic Winds, and Recurrent Snows
by Mark S. Monmonier. Blending meteorological history with the history of scientific cartography, this book charts the phenomenon of lake-effect snow and explores the societal impacts of extreme weather. Illustrated wityh photos, maps and graphs. Indexed. 272 pages. Look closely
Listening to the Land Listening to the Land Native American Literary Responses to the Landscape
by Lee Schweninger. An ecocritical literary study focused on indigenous environmental attitudes in North America. Covers more than a century of Native American writing, from the late 19th century to the modern day. Indexed. 241 pages. Look closely
Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships by John Price. Bur Oak Book series title. First Edition. Collection of essays on home, secrets of landscape, and binding ties to both. 260 pages.. Look closely
The Nature Principle The Nature Principle Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age
by Richard Louv. Presents a compelling case that the time has come to re-envision a future that taps into thye restorative powers of the natural world. Includes an appendix on "The New Nature Movement." 317 pages.. Look closely
Nature Stories Nature Stories by Jules Renard. Trade paperback, new. New York Review Books Classics series title. A new translation of Jule Renard's classic, late 19th-century stories accompanied by ink-blot illustrations by Pierre Bonnard. 165 pages. Look closely
On the Beaten Path On the Beaten Path An Appalachian Pilgrimage by Robert Alden Rubin . Memoir of a "thruhiker" on the Appalachian Trail. 237 pages. Look closely
The Painted Desert The Painted Desert Land of Wind And Stone by Scott Thybony. Illustrated with photos by David Edwards. An intimate look at a place that remains largely inhospitable and inaccessible. Look closely
Plants Of Central Texas Wetlands Plants Of Central Texas Wetlands by Scott B. Fleenor and Stephen Welton Taber. Grover E. Murray Studies In The American Southwest series title. A companion to "Invertebrates of Central Texas Wetlands," this volume describes more than 275 species, ranging from mosses and liverworts to flowering plants, of this important but little-studied region. Indexed. 288 pages. Look closely.
The Organ Pipe Cactus The Organ Pipe Cactus by David Yetman. The Southwest Center Series title. An in-depth and comprehensive look at organ pipe cactus. Illustrated with color photos throughout. Indexed. Look closely
Remedies for a New West Remedies for a New West Healing Landscapes, Histories, and Cultures by Patricia Nelson Limerick, Andrew Cowell, and Sharon K. Collinge. Collection of essays concerning critical issues facing the American West — disappearing Native American languages, deteriorating air quality, suburban sprawl, species loss, grassland degradation, and others — with suggested steps toward “healing.” Indexed. 336 pages. Look closely
Same River Twice Same River Twice A Boatman's Journey Home by Michael D. Burke. A river-running memoir that introduces readers to rough, austere, and unfamiliar rivers in the northern wilderness of British Columbia. Bibliography. 184 pages. Look closely
Scarcity and Frontiers Scarcity and Frontiers How Economies Have Developed Through Natural Resource Exploitation by Edward B. Barbier. Presents thesis that the exploitation of natural resources and the expansion of frontiers in response to natural resource scarcity have been pivotal forces in the evolution of civilizations. Indexed. 748 pages.  Look closely
Sea Sick Sea Sick The Global Ocean in Crisis by Alanna Mitchell. First paperback edition. Report on the current state of ecological crisis in the world’s oceans. Indexed. 238 pages. Look closely
Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia by Walter G. Ellison. Species accounts on some 200 nesting species with detailed coverage of habitats, biology, and abundance. Indexed. 494 pages. Look closely
Stirring the Mud Stirring the Mud On Swamps, Bogs, and Human Imagination
by Barbara Hurd. In nine evocative essays, the author explores the seductive allure of bogs, swamps, and wetlands. The first book in a nature writing trilogy that includes "Entering the Stone" and "Walking the Wrack Line." 143 pages. Order a copy.
A Student's Guide to the Seashore A Student's Guide to the Seashore by J. D. Fish and S. Fish.  Third Edition. Concise and beautifully illustrated guide allows students to identify over 650 of the common, widespread animals and seaweeds of the ocean shore. Indexed. 527 pages.. Order a copy.
Texas Cacti Texas Cacti A Field Guide by Brian Loflin and Shirley Loflin. A fully illustrated field guide to more than 100 of the cacti most often found in Texas and the surrounding region. 483 color photos. 103 maps. Indexed. 312 pages. Look closely
This Tender Place This Tender Place The Story of a Wetland Year by Laurie Lawlor.  Personal meditations and natural history inspired by a wetland in southeastern Wisconsin. Indexed. 166 pages. Look closely
Twelve Owls Twelve Owls by Laura Erickson. Describes, identifies and provides natural histories of owl species found in Minnesota. Illustrated by Betsy Bowen.  Look closely
Tuna Tuna A Love Story by Richard Ellis. Expose on the tuna commercial fishing industry and the endangered status of the bluefin tuna. 334 pages. Look closely
Underwater to Get Out of the Rain Underwater to Get Out of the Rain by Trevor Norton. Marine biologist Norton takes reflects on a career spent underwater and in touch with the natural world. Illustrated by Win Norton. 385 pages. Look closely
Unnatural Landscapes Unnatural Landscapes  Tracking Invasive Species by Ceiridwen Terrill. A first-hand introduction to the challenges of introductions and restoration management in the Southwest. Foreword by Gary Paul Nabhan. Map illustrations by Rick Moser. Indexed. 220 pages.. Look closely
Walking Seasonal Roads Walking Seasonal Roads by Mary A. Hood. Essays by a literary naturalist celebrating the rural and the regional of place through the seasonal roads that link people and places together. Indexed. 175 pages.  Look closely
Walking the Wrack Line Walking the Wrack Line:  On Tidal Shifts and What Remains by Barbara Hurd. The final volume of a nature writing trilogy that began with Stirring the Mud and Entering the Stone. 117 pages.. Look closely.
When the Rains Come When the Rains Come A Naturalist's Year in the Sonoran Desert by John Alcock. Naturalist John Alcock tracks the changes he observes in plant and animal life over the course of a drought year in the Sonoran Desert. Illustrated with color photos. Indexed. 334 pages.. Look closely
Wild Horses of the West Wild Horses of the West History and Politics of America's Mustangs by J. Edward de Steiguer. Reviews one of the most controversial animal welfare issues of our time -- the protection of free-roaming horses on the West's public lands. Indexed. 249 pages. Look closely
Wild Sea Wild Sea Eco-Wars and Surf Stories from the Coast of the Californias. Collection of articles and reports on fights against pollution and desctruction of beachs along the California and Mexico coasts. Indexed. 150 pages..  Look closely
Zion Canyon Zion Canyon A Storied Land by Greer K. Chesher. Desert Places series title. Photography by Michael Plyler. An introduction to Zion National Park's natural and geological wonders, including the dynamics of its ecology. Look closely
At the End of Ridge Road by Joseph Bruchac. Trade paperback. First Edition. Credo Series title, edited by Scott Slovic. A noted teller of the traditional tales of the Adirondacks mines his own rich history and the wisdom from his Abenaki culture to teach life lessons. 143 pages. Look closely
Forged In Fire Essays By Idaho Writers edited by Mary Clearman Blew. Essays by both established and novice writers coverin topics ranging from escaping forest fires and smoke jumping, to fighting house fires and making campfires. 261 pages. Look closely
Bird Songs of the Mesozoic A Day Hiker's Guide to the Nearby Wild by David Brendan Hopes. Milkweed Editions, 2005. Trade paperback. World as Home series title. 230 pages. Look closely
Signs of Danger Waste, Trauma, and Nuclear Threat by Peter C. Van Wyck. Theory Out of Bounds series title. Questions the literal burying of the nuclear threat and how it relates to expectations for our future. Indexed. Look closely
Wild Moments by Ted Williams. A collection of Williams's beautifully crafted seasonal observation columns. Edited by Connie Isbell. Illustrations by John Burgoyne. Indexed. 192 pages. Look closely.
Gone Fishin' Ruminations on Fly Fishing by William G. Tapply. A premier outdoor writer takes a close look at the how's, where's, and, primarily, the why's of his favorite pastime. Illustrations by Barry Glickman. 183 pages. Order a copy.
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