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"Xeriscape is a word coined for landscape principles that have been known in the Southwest for centuries but have not been used effectively in our cities until recently. It basically means dry or limited-water-use landscaping. Landscaping accounts for as much as half the water used in non-industrial cities, and Xeriscape landscaping can cut landscape water use by 20 to 40 percent." The high desert region of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas provides a challenge to gardeners and landscapers. But pleasing and rewarding gardens and lawns can be achieved with a proper understanding of the soil, climate and special needs of the southern Rockies. This is the first comprehensive guide to trees, lawns, and flower and vegetable gardens keyed to this unique desert environment.
High Desert Yards & Gardens
by Lynn Ellen Doxon
Trade paperback
230 pages
$14.95 postpaid
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