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An Introduction to Plant Breeding An Introduction to Plant Breeding by Jack Brown and Peter Caligari. Comprehensive coverage of plant breeding, including modes of reproduction in plants, breeding objectives and schemes, genetics, predictions, selection, alternative techniques and practical considerations. Indexed. 224 pages. More details.
Beautiful Gardens of the Wine Country by Jennifer Barry. A collection of words and photographs featuring the Napa Valley’s glorious spectrum of gardens in a small-scale coffee table format. 127 pages. More details.
The Big Book of Small Equines The Big Book of Small Equines A Celebration of Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies by Johnny Robb and Jan Westmark. An illustrated tribute to the pint-sized world of Shetland onies and Miniature horses. 192 pages. More details.
The Book of Draft Horses The Book of Draft Horses The Gentle Giants That Built the World by Donna Campbell Smith. A celebration of Clydesdales, Percherons, Belgians and other heavy horse breeds. Illustrated with photographs by the author. Indexed. 147 pages. More details.
Bread Comes to Life A Garden of Wheat and a Loaf to Eat 
by George Levenson. This book shows children there's lots more than expected in the loaves on grocery shelves. Illustrated with photos by Shmuel Thaler. More details.
Chicken Coops Chicken Coops 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock
by Judy Pangman. Comprehensive handbook on poultry housing options, including 45 building plans. Illustrated with line drawings and color photos. Indexed. More details.
Complete Guide Complete Guide to Container Gardening by Better Homes & Gardens. An illustrated guide to container gardens of all shapes and sizes. Features more than 125 container "recipes," each complete with color photos, planting plans, tips on growing, and shopping lists. Indexed. 224 pages. More details.
Copepods in Aquaculture by Cheng-Sheng Lee, et al. First Edition. Originating out of a workshop held on copepods by the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, this proceedings includes review articles and papers presented by leading international experts in copepod biology and aquaculture.  Indexed. 269 pages. More details
Covering Ground Covering Ground by Barbara W. Ellis. A guide to low-maintenance, creative ideas for ground covers as an alternative to traditional lawns. Illustrated with color photographs and illustrations. Indexed. 224 pages. More details.
During Wind and Rain During Wind and Rain by Margaret Bolsterli, The story of five generations of a farm family in the Arkansas Delta motivated by dreams of "a crop so good that the memory of it can warm the drafty floors of adversity for the rest of one's life." Indexed. 144 pages. More details.
Equipping Your Horse Farm Equipping Your Horse Farm Tractors, Trailers & Other Implements by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh. In-depth information on every aspect of selecting, maintaining, and using tractors and horse trailers. Illustrated with photos and line drawings. Indexed. 181 pages. More details.
Farm Engines and How to Run Them:  A Simple, Practical Handbook for Experts and Amateurs by James H. Stephenson. The Lyons Press, 2004. Trade paperback, new. Originally published in 1903. Indexed. 243 pages. More details.
Garden History Garden History:  Philosophy and Design 2000 B.C. -- 2000 A.D.
by Tom Turner. The author explores more than 150 gardens spanning 40 centuries of western garden design, beginning in Egypt and West Asia moving northward to Europe and ending in the Americas. First Edition. 240 pages. More details.
Grass-Fed Cattle Grass-Fed Cattle How to Produce and Market Natural Beef by Julius Ruechel. Covers every aspect of raising and care of cattle, including herd selection, breeding, yearly cycles, cultivating and maintaining healthy soil and grass, fencing and pasture rotation, winter grazing, pests and diseases, and necessary equipment. Large format. Illustrations by Elayne Sears. Indexed. 372 pages. More details.
Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry by Fidel Toldrá. A comprehensive hands-on reference book on the science and technology of processing fermented meat and poultry products. Indexed. 576 pages. More details.
Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals by Young W. Park and George F. W. Haenlein. Textbook. Covers the mlik production of goat, sheep, buffalo, mare, camel, yak, deer (reindeer), sow, llama, alpaca, and humans. Indexed. 449 pages. More details.
Heirloom Seeds and Their Keepers Marginality And Memory In The Conservation Of Biological Diversity by Virginia D. Nazarea. Hardcover, new. This book explores the role of seedsavers in the perpetuation of biological diversity. Indexed. 193 pages. More details
Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance Reflections on Raising Chickens by Martin Gurdon. Illustrated by Greg Poole. 152 pages. More details.
Hershey Children's Garden A Place to Grow by Maureen Heffernan.  This book tells the story of how the Hershey Children's Garden was developed - from initial idea, to guiding philosophy, to its design, development, and opening day.  More details.
Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers Using Ed's Amazing Pots System by Edward C. Smith. Smith shares advice on choosing appropriate containers, how to provide balanced nutrition using his secret soil formula, and what additional tools benefit the container gardener. Illustrated with color photos. Indexed. 254 pages. More details.
Introduction To Horse Biology by Zoe Davies. Trade paperback, new. First Edition. Provides all the information students of equine subjects requireIndexed. 216 pages. More details.
Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest An Illustrated Guide to Their Identification and Control by Elizabeth J. Czarapata. A comprehensive guide to invasive species currently endangering native habitats in the Midwest U.S.. Illustrated with more than 250 color photos. Indexed. 215 pages.. More details
Living with Sheep Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock by Chuck Wooster. A unique guide to sheep, for would-be farmers and people who simply love animals and the outdoors. Illustrated with photographs by Geoff Hansen. Indexed. 238 pages. More details
Mad Sheep Mad Sheep The True Story Behind the USDA's War on a Family Farm by Linda Faillace. The true story of a Vermont farming family driven out of business by the USDA on bogus claims that their sheep might spread “mad cow” disease. Illustrated with B&W photos. Indexed. 324 pages. More details.
Miller's Horse Miller's Horse Intriguing Horse Facts by Marcy J. Miller. An equine reference book, trivia collection, history, literary miscellany and book of lists. Illustrated by the author. More details.
The Montana Gardener's Companion The Montana Gardener's Companion An Insider's Guide to Gardening under the Big Sky by Bob Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough. Guide to growing vegetables, flowers and lawns in Montana. Indexed. 213 pages. More details.
Mushrooms as Functional Foods Mushrooms as Functional Foods by Peter C. Cheung. A compendium of current research on the chemistry and biology, nutritional and medicinal value, and the use of mushrooms in the modern functional foods industry. Indexed. 259 pages. More details.
The Natural Habitat Garden by Ken Druse with Margaret Roach. Ken Druse's back to the land movement, begun with nature-inspired designs in "The Natural Garden" in 1989, really takes root in this volume of native plantings found in gardens across America.. Book Stall Review.
Oxen Oxen A Teamster's Guide by Drew Conroy. The definitive resource for selecting, training, feeding, and caring for oxen. Includes 16-page color insert on handling and training oxen, reference charts, and a glossary of terms. Indexed. 291 pages. More details.
The Physiology of Crop Yield The Physiology of Crop Yield by Robert Hay and John R. Porter. Textbook covering recent advances in crop physiology, phenology, canopy dynamics and crop modelling. Indexed. 314 pages. More details.
Pig Production What the Textbooks Don't Tell You by John Gadd. Hardcover. First Edition. Adapted from the author's popular "What the Textbooks Don't Tell You About " column in the magazine Pig Progress. Indexed. 263 pages. More details.
Plant Roots Plant Roots Growth, Function and Interactions with the Soil by Peter Gregory. This book focuses on vascular plants and their interactions with soils. 328 pages. Indexed. More details.
Pocketful of Poultry Pocketful of Poultry by Carol Ekarius. Portraits and profiles of more than 100 of the world's poultry breeds. Illustrated with color photos. 272 pages. More details.
Purebred And Homegrown Purebred And Homegrown America's County Fairs by Drake Hokanson and Carol Kratz. An illustrated history of county fairs in America. Photographs by the authors. Indexed. 182 pages. More details.
The Rocky Mountain Garden Survival Guide by Susan J. Tweit. Rocky Mountain gardeners of all skill levels can now get the quick, expert advice they need in this easy-to-use pocket-size guide. More details.
Science and the Garden Science and the Garden The Scientific Basis of Horticultural Practice edited by David Ingram, Daphne Vince-Prue, and Peter J. Gregory.  Explains the basic structure and functioning of garden plants, including nomenclature, genetics and plant breeding, soil management, methods of propagation and production, pest and disease control, post harvest management and storage, and conservation and sustainable horticulture. Indexed. 350 pages. More details.
Seascape Gardening Seascape Gardening From New England to the Carolinas by Anne Halpin. How to plant and care for seaside gardens. Illustrated with photography by Roger Foley. Indexed. 224 pages. More details.
Storey's Barn Guide to Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First Aid by Storey Publishing. Spiral-bound text enclosed by stiff illustrated boards, new. Designed to hang on a barn wall as a hands-free visual guide. A practical reference to basic equine health issues and procedures.. More details.
Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats by Maggie Sayer. Handbook on acquiring, caring for, managing, and marketing meat goats. Illustrations by Elayne Sears. Indexed. 337 pages. More details.
Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America by Judith Dutson. A history of the horse in North America, breed by breed. Illustrated with photos by Bob Langrish. Indexed. 406 pages. More details.
Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds by by Carol Ekarius. Portraits, history and descriptions of 120 breeds of barnyard fowl. Indexed. 278 pages. More details
Tabletop Gardens 40 Stylish Plantscapes for Counters and Shelves, Desktops and Windowsills by Rosemary McCreary. Includes step-by-step design and planting  instructions, a complete checklist of required materials, ongoing care advice, and full-color photography of materials and the completed garden by William Holt. Indexed. 159 pages. More details.
Voices From The Heart Of The Land Voices From The Heart Of The Land Rural Stories That Inspire Community by Richard L. Cates. A collection of reminiscences, observations, and opinions celebrating the stewardship of the land and the values of the stewards gathered from 30 families in southern Wisconsin. Glossary. 192 pages. More details.
The War on Bugs The War on Bugs by Will Allen. Expose on how advertisers, editors, scientists, large scale farmers, government agencies, and even Dr. Seuss, colluded to convince farmers to use deadly chemicals, hormones, and genetically modified organisms(GMOs). Indexed. 268 pages. More details.
Wilson's Practical Meat Inspection by William G. Wilson. 7th Edition. Revisions to this edition offer the latest knowledge of BSE, Foot-and-Mouth and TB. Information on  specific diseases, parasites and physiological processes has been updated and recent legislation included.  Indexed. 306 pages.. More details.
Wine Production:  Vine To Bottle by Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall. Food Industry Briefing Series title. Details the processes of winemaking, looking at key factors such as geography, winemaking techniques, the impact of decisions made upon style and quality, and problems that may be encountered.Indexed. 130 pages. More details.
The Winter Harvest Handbook The Winter Harvest Handbook Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses
by Eliot Coleman. A comprehensive handbook on raising crops throughout the winter. Photographs and illustrations by Barbara Damrosch. Indexed. 247 pages. More details.
The Year of the Goat The Year of the Goat 40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese by Margaret Hathaway. The author and her husband travel across America in search of green pastures, simple tradition, and the perfect goat cheese. 204 pages. More details.
Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture by Huisheng Xie and Vanessa Preast. A comprehensive reference on the basic principles, techniques and clinical application of veterinary acupuncture. Includes ancient and newly developed acupuncture techniques for both small and large animals. Large format. Indexed. 359 pages. More details.
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