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Michael Hofferber
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American Forests
Hoedadders East & West (5/88)
America West Airlines Magazine
Raptor's Roost (5/89)

Boise Believer (3/89)

Terminal Attraction (10/88)

Going to Extremes (2/88)

Pioneering the Future (10/87)

Future Shock (7/87)

Terrain Game (5/87)

Arizona Highways
Testing Your Wits in the Wild (5/92)
Back Stage
Seattle: Settlin' In As A Major Theatre Center (6/17/88)

Clowns on Center Stage: The New Vaudevillians (6/3/88)

Sneak Preview: Filmmakers of the 21st Century (2/12/88)

California Highway Patrolman
    Private Railroading (8/86)

    Trading Places (10/85)

    Plain-nosed Reindeer Thrive on Idaho Ranch (12/21/93)
Career World
    The Garnet Queen (9/89)

    Visiting Friends: Guestroom Exchange Service Takes Off (10/87)

    From Hobby to Career: The Stamping Grounds (1/87)

    Yakov Smirnoff: Making America Laugh (12/86)

    Working in the Wilderness (10/85)

Chicago Tribune
Thinking Runners Set Their Course for Orienteering Meets (9/25/88)

Host of Festivals Shows America's Love for Shaespeare (5/1/88)

Civil War Times
    Bronze Heroes (11/87)
Country Journal
Buying Farmland (5/93)

A Well-Rounded Barn (2/87)

The Practice of Country Politics (March/April 1995)

Close-up on Film Schools (5/88)

The New Generation of Acting Teachers (4/88)

The Murder Game (10/87)

Actors in Motion (1/87)

    Hospitals in Critical Condition (1/89)

    Dukes of Haz Mat (12/88)

    Paint By Numbers (3/88)
Ford Times
Riding High (7/88)
Friendly Exchange
    All's Well in Ashland (2/87)
    Rolling on the River (7/84)
Golf Course Management
    Frontier Fairways (7/82)
Heartland USA High Country News
Yellowstone fires produce new trees not meadows (10/17/94)
High on Adventure
Backpacking at Columbia Gorge (2/2000)
Horse and Horseman
Along the Nez Perce Trail  (11/94)

East Meets Western Horse (9/93)

    Lecompton Rediscovered (3rd Issue/79)
Sports' Path to Orienteering (5/88)

The Lure of Vintage Tackle (4/87)

Adventures with Maps (7/89)
Literary Sketches
    The Tramping Poet (1/93)
MD Magazine
Hooks, Lines & Sinkers (8/89)
Men's Health
A New Focus in Contact Lenses (4/89)
Modern Maturity
Spotlight: Garnet Queen of Emerald Creek (4/89)

Fast Trackers (4/88)

America's Majestic Hikes (2/88)

Montana Magazine
Exploring Off the Beaten Path (1/89)
New York Daily News
Class Action (5/1/88)
Northwest Magazine
Off the Beaten Path (7/31/88)

The Electronic Paintbrush (4/10/88)

Prince of Dune: Yakima's Kyle MacLachlan (12/2/84)

The Office
Advances in Database Management Systems (2/89)

Leasing: An Alternative to Equipment Purchasing (7/88)

Word Processing: Is It Time to Upgrade? (4/88)

The Desktop Options for Integrating Voice and Data (2/88) 

    BSU's Morrison Center (11/11/83)

    Entertainment Offered Year-Round at Four Seasons Arena (11/11/83)

Puget Sound Computer User
Business Profile: Assessing Risks (3/88)
Farewell to Frogs (12/90)
Seattle Weekly
Hippie Reforesters (12/7/88)
True West
Gold Dust in the Footlights (8/89)
Twin Falls Times-News
Ketchum Artist Rides Into the Old West (6/28/93)

Raptors Thrive Along Snake River Canyon (10/7/91)

The Eyes of David Butterfield (Summer, 1991)
Pait By Numbers (7/89)

Quick Draw Millionaire (4/89)

Western Horseman
Poison Hotline for Animals (5/93)
Women's Circle
    Idaho Woman Converts Russets to Sweet Potatoes (12/93)
Wood River Journal
The Spirit Lives On (9/19/90)

Rock Art (4/11/90)

Bombing the Brain (10/11/89)

Selling the Family Farm (9/6/89)

Woodworkers Business News
    The Wood Connection: Partners in Success (9/93)
CA Highlights
The Outrider: Small towns still allow for pickups a bit behind the times

The Outrider: Farmers Market: A chance to chat, choose your favorites (7/99)

100 Years Of Horses And Caring About Other Folks (11/98)

Guest Opinion: Go Rural, But Be Prepared. . .

Deal Consulting Group
Here's How to Get Started in Farming (11/99)
The New Traveler
The Big Drop (1/00)
Snowy Egret 
Book Notes Wild (Spring/96)
Michael Hofferber
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