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Backpacking Oregon
by Douglas A. Lorain
There are many hiking guidebooks available for Oregon, but there is only one Backpacking Oregon. This guide is the only book available that details the best backpacking trips in the Beaver State. These trips, which last from 3 days to 2 weeks, offer geographic diversity, beautiful scenery, and a short getaway from the routines of daily life.

The book focuses on the best places for backpackers to see Oregon. After many years and thousands of trail miles, author Doug Lorain has picked what he believes to be the very best backpacking trips. The trips are generally more than a simple weekend outing, but they are all terrific vacations and each gives you enough time to really enjoy the scenery. Better yet, they offer every hiker the chance to really get to know, and love, Oregon.

Besides the 27 trip descriptions with 34 maps, Lorain also rates, for every trip, scenery, crowds, difficulty, mileage, elevation gain, days on the trail, shuttle distance, and any special attractions or problems. This is an in-depth guide based on years of experience.

Author Doug Lorain is a resident of Portland and is, to put it mildly, obsessed with backpacking. He may well be the Pacific Northwest's most prolific hiker, and Backpacking Oregon is the culmination of years of travel.

Backpacking Oregon

by Douglas Lorain. 
Wilderness Press, 2000.
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Northwest Mountain Weather
Understanding and Forecasting 
for the Backcountry User
by Jeff Renner.
Mountaineers Book, 1992.
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