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Wildflowers of Wyoming

by Diantha States and Jack States
Even with its craggy peaks and dusty plains, scorching sun and subzero termperatures, Wyoming's terrain and climate are not nearly as diverse as its wildflowers. From the pink to rosy purple moss campion that blankets the state's treeless tundra to the lavender-flowered fuzzy-tongued beardtongue found in roadside ditches across the plains, Wyoming wildflowers brighten the Cowboy State's rugged and forbidding landscape.

Before Wildflowers of Wyoming, plant enthusiasts needed to lug several field guides to identify Wyoming's multitude of flowering plants.

Now, thanks to Diantha and Jack States, botanists, naturalists, and hikers can lighten their load and still identify most of Wyoming's flowers with this useful and attractive book.

Wildflowers of Wyoming
Wildflowers of Wyoming
by Diantha States and  Jack States, 
Mountain Press Publishing Company , 2004.
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