Volcanoes of the Cascades 
Their Rise and Their Risks
by Richard L. Hill 
Towering, majestic, beautiful the Cascade Range is the centerpiece of the Northwest's renowned beauty. These rugged, snowcapped summits provide an inspiring backdrop to the landscape from Washington to northern California. Yet underneath this elegant facade are powerful, unpredictable forces. Thirteen of the range's peaks have the potential to explode with catastrophic results, seven peaks have erupted in the last 250 years, and, on average, two eruptions occur each century. Which mountain is next?

Through stunning photographs, exciting illustrations, and simple informative text, award-winning science writer Richard L. Hill explores this question and more. He describes pyroclastic flows, plate tectonics, and each peak's distinctive characteristics, examining how the volcanoes are linked and what hazards they might still pose.

Volcanoes of the Cascades
Their Rise and Their Risks
by Richard L. Hill 
The Lyons Press, 2004
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