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U.S. Grant
The Making Of A General, 1861-1863
edited by Don Kulick and Anne Meneley
In this exciting new book, Michael B. Ballard provides a crisp account of Grant's strategic and tactical concepts in the period from the outset of the Civil War to the battle of Chattanooga -- a period in which U. S. Grant rose from a semi-disgraceful obscurity to the position of overall commander of all Union armies.

The author carefully sifts through diaries and letters of Grant and his inner circle to try to get inside Grant's mind and reveal why those early years of the war were formative in producing the Civil War's greatest general.

U.S. Grant
U.S. Grant
The Making Of A General, 1861-1863
by Michael B. Ballard
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2004
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