The Trout and the Fly
by Brian Clarke and John Goddard 
This book is the result of years of work by two of Britain's most respected and widely read angling writers, supported by university scientists in several fields. The pictures contained in it have been selected from thousands of the authors' own photographs, taken from above and below the surface. High-speed film viewed frame by frame reveals the detail of events that happen too quickly for the human eye to register.

This remarkable book provides a clear understanding for both the river and stillwater angler. Clarke and Goddard explain everything you need to know about: 

-the way a trout sees (and the implications for the fly fisher of its excellent color vision)

-the way natural and artificial flies appear to the trout (one result of which is a series of fly patterns designed to mimic the way natural flies look from below the surface)

-the way that lines and leaders of different colors look from underwater--and the implications for tackle choice

-the clues that fish give to their feeding behavior and how the angler can interpret them..

The Trout and the Fly
by Brian Clarke and John Goddard 
Lyons Press, 2005.
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