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The Quotable Cowboy 
by Kathy Etling
Cowboys remind us of a time when life was simple, when everything was black and white, and when hope lay upon the horizon like a pale rising sun. We are the heirs to their myth and to their legacy. We do something because it is "the cowboy way," we "cowboy up" to adversity, we "cowboy through" a difficult task. Popular culture has immortalized the Old West through novels, radio, TV, and films, and in this volume you will find more than four hundred of the best quotations that capture its spirit. 

Here you'll find the cowboy's-and sometimes the cowgirl's-wisdom, humor, insight, and downright foolishness. From long-vanished plainsmen to rodeo clowns, from famous Hollywood icons who live the good life to working cowboys who lived and died unnoticed, The Quotable Cowboy gathers together the best musings on the cowboy way of life.

The Quotable Cowboy
The Quotable Cowboy 
by Kathy Etling
The Lyons Press, 2005
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