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Stories From Where We Live
Series by Milkweed Editions
The Great North American Prairie
The North American Prairie stretches from Alberta and Saskatchewan south to Texas, and from the edge of the Rockies east to Illinois.This book gathers the literature of the North American Prairie as a way to introduce young readers to the region’s natural heritage. Herein readers will enjoy songs and narratives of Plains Indians, tales of 19th-century settlers, and contemporary essays and poems.

Stories From Where We Live
Each book in this series focuses on a different North American ecoregion, presenting literature that conveys each area's distinctive natural and human story. Each book includes in the appendix information about the plants, animals, and habitats of the region as well as a list of natural areas to visit.

Stories From Where We Live
Stories From Where We Live 
The Great North American Prairie
edited by Sara St. Antoine. 
Milkweed Editions, 2001.
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