Still the Target
Coping With Terror and Crime
by Theodore G. Shackley 
with Richard A Finney
The world is quite different from what it was prior to September 11th. As a nation, Americans are seeking to learn and understand more about the new "threat" environment. Authors Theodore Shackley and Richard Finney have written a no-nonsense, pull-no-punches guide to coping with terror and crime. Both men share a similar intelligence background and the combination of their thorough research and years of experience are clearly reflected in "Still The Target." The authors take a hard look at the issues related to protecting high level individuals, and include case scenarios of actual assassination attempts, kidnappings, and various criminal acts that further substantiate the methods and techniques recommended in the book. Whether a traveling VIP or Mr. & Mrs. Joe Average, "Still The Target" gives readers the most up-to-date facts and strategies available for coping with the threat of terrorism today.
Still the Target
Coping With Terror and Crime
by Theodore G. Shackley with  Richard A Finney
Noble House, 2003
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