Something I Said?
Innuendo And Out The Other
by Michael Feldman
What we have here is another mighty slim volume from Michael Feldman, best known (when known at all) for his public radio show "Whad'ya Know" (sic). Feldman, who spouts off about things he knows "not much" about weekly, here writes them down: ·how to get your own radio show and what you can do with it once you do ·paranoia ·marriage (or as Feldman likes to refer to it, "a long-term bad relationship") ·Hitler ·SUVs ·child-rearing (although it sounds like it's the author who is being reared) ·a number of short pieces on places he and his crew have visited for their "remote possibilities" ·more references to "gentiles" than absolutely necessary (seems to be an issue for Feldman, although he is tickled with the notion that, to a Mormon, he is one) ·some attempts to misrepresent scientific or social research for humorous purposes ·many personal revelations that prove the examined life is not necessarily worth living either ·and pages and pages of fluff.
Something I Said?
Innuendo And Out The Other
by Michael Feldman 
The Lyons Press, 2004.
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