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Skywatch West
The Complete Weather Guide
by Richard A. Keen 
Revised and updated, Skywatch West is a friendly, informative guide to the wide variety of weather the West has in store—from calm and predictable cycles to dramatic and unpredictable events. Through Richard A. Keen’s lively descriptions and colorful photographs, you will discover all the joys of weather-watching in the always fascinating American West. You will also learn practical skills, such as how to "read" clouds, how to build a home weather station, and how to read weather maps.

This revised edition also features 

  • Sidebar information, including weather tidbits and safety tips 
  • Updated lists of the West’s most notable blizzards, floods, storms, winds, eruptions, etc.—from the nineteenth century to present 
  • An updated Resources section 
  • Appendixes with technical data for weather aficionados 
  • Exciting new photographs 
  • New information on such weather phenomena as El Nino 
Being prepared for the weather around us is an integral part of life in the West, where the weather can be as wild and rugged as the land itself.
Skywatch West
Skywatch West
The Complete Weather Guide
by Richard A. Keen 
Fulcrum Publishing, 2004.
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