Science and Sensibility 
The Elegant Logic of the Universe
by Keith J. Laidler 
The vast information explosion that science has produced continues to barrage us daily with both the trivial and the profound. How should we cope with this massive influx of new ideas about science and related areas? Though the public seems eager if not infatuated with acquiring more and more information, few understand how to make use of or how to integrate it to create a coherent worldview. Paradoxically, as the amount of information increases, knowledge-the result of our brains selecting and processing information to form an intelligible view of the world-has declined. 

Science and Sensibility is exquisitely designed to provide a thorough grounding in the methods of science, stressing the importance of arriving at rational conclusions by carefully considering and evaluating the evidence available. Acclaimed science writer and chemistry professor Keith J. Laidler begins by reviewing the major contributions of the different branches of science-including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology-and showing how, together, the research conducted in these areas leads to a unified conception of our place in the universe. He asserts that by dispelling the air of mystery that pervades the public's perception of science, we can more fully appreciate the beauty of the universe. Although much still remains to be discovered. Laidler stresses that evidence from every scientific field supports an elegantly logical and internally consistent picture of the formation and development of the universe and of life within it.

Science and Sensibility
The Elegant Logic of the Universe
by Keith J. Laidler
Prometheus Books, 2004
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