Savoring The Seasons 
Of The Northern Heartland
by Beth Dooley and Lucia Watson 
Here are more than 200 delicious seasonal recipes from the upper Midwest -- from the lakes, the forest, and farmlands, as well as from the small towns and cities of Minnesota, Wisconsin in, Iowa, Michigan, and North Dakota.

The wonderful variety of dishes tells the story of the Scandinavian, German, East European, Scottish, and Welsh farmers who first settled here, cultivating the rich farmlands and developing the milling industry and the dairy cooperatives. At threshing time, barn raisings, and hog killings, robust dishes satisfied the appetite, and miners and loggers (from Finland to Slovenia) relished the hearty foods of boardinghouses and cook shacks.

Beth Dooley and Lucia Watson have brought together all the strands of this colorful Northern Heartland history by giving us the foods that tell the story. They have tempered the recipes for today's appetites and developed new creations that make the most of the indigenous produce -- the kinds of fresh and flavorful dishes that devotees of Lucia's popular restaurant in Minneapolis have been enjoying since it first opened in 1985..

Savoring The Seasons Of The Northern Heartland
by Beth Dooley and Lucia Watson 
University of Minnesota Press, 2004.
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