Raising Less Corn, More Hell
The Case For The Independent Farm And Against Industrial Food
by George Pyle
A revelatory, alarming, urgent and fiercely witty essay on the many wrong ways in which our food is produced-what it all means and what can be done about it 
In Raising Less Corn, More Hell George B. Pyle shows us how the famous breadbasket of America is being bought up by large corporations, who produce less food per acre than the small farmer, push those farmers further into debt, pollute the earth and wear out the soil, and even license the very stuff of life: grain and seed. Meanwhile those farmers are promised a better future if they play ball with the corporations, but caught between the brutal new market and antiquated government support systems, they are forced to grow too much of the wrong crops-crops that will be fed to animals who cannot tolerate them, shipped as dubious"aid" to struggling countries, drive the farmer's take-home pay ever downward, and make us all fatter. 

Pyle, native Kansan and editorialist for the Salt Lake Tribune, delivers a powerful, learned and lively attack on the status quo and shows us how unless we take a close look at our larder-right now-we risk turning much of rural America into a permanent environmental and economic wasteland. We are feeding ourselves and the rest of the world too much trash, he says, at environmental, ecological, and even security costs that are too high to pay.

Raising Less Corn, More Hell 
The Case For The Independent Farm And Against Industrial Food
by George Pyle
PublicAffairs, 2005
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