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Quick Change 
by Jay Cronley
“Grimm was the only one in town who knew he had them where he wanted them — overconfident.”

The hero of Quick Change is just twenty minutes into a bank robbery, and so far everything is going according to his brilliant, meticulously thought-out plan. The bank’s employees and customers are in the vault, the security cameras have all been shot out, and he’s bagged close to a million dollars. But the police and a SWAT team are already outside. Can Grimm get out of the bank and out of New York, with the money and his two accomplices, and pull off this daring escapade?

And why is he dressed like a clown?

Jay Cronley delivers the answers in a rapid-fire narrative — with much more suspense and Cronley’s signature deadpan humor than made it into the French or American film versions (the latter starring Bill Murray and Geena Davis). In an introduction written for this new paperback edition, the author tells how the book came to be, what it’s like to go Hollywood, and where the book has taken him since it was first published in 1981.
Quick Change
Quick Change
by Jay Cronley
University of Oklahoma Press, 2006
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