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More Ghost Towns of Texas
by T. Lindsay Baker
For Americans, there is something romantic yet harshly concrete about an abandoned town. Dreams, conflicts, and losses still haunt what remains, so it’s no wonder we call these locales "ghost towns." A companion volume to his Ghost Towns of Texas, More Ghost Towns of Texas by T. Lindsay Baker provides readers with comprehensive descriptions, histories, maps, and detailed directions to the most interesting ghost towns in Texas not already covered in the first volume. 

The ninety-four towns described in this book range from American Indian sites abandoned prior to the arrival of Europeans into North America to towns abandoned within the past decade. Baker’s own recent photographs of these abandoned towns are complemented by historic photographs of more prosperous times. Many of these locations have never before appeared in any ghost town guide. 

Based on hundreds of miles of travel and fieldwork in abandoned towns all across Texas, More Ghost Towns of Texas lists sites throughout the state so that people from anywhere in Texas can reach a ghost town in a day’s trip. Baker has included only those sites located on public rights of way or with public access and only those ghost towns that have tangible remains so visitors will always see more than a simple historic plaque.
More Ghost Towns of Texas
More Ghost Towns of Texas
by T. Lindsay Baker
University of Oklahoma Press, 2005
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