Life 101
For the Young and Young at Heart!
by Caren A. Adams 
Life 101 makes the assumption that everyone is seeking practical solutions to life’s daily problems. Adams has taken the most basic goals — not blaming others for our shortcomings; living life for the moment; never giving up; simplifying our daily lives — and, using her own life experiences, has outlined practical solutions. While all of our experiences are unique, the author has focused on those with which we share commonality. For example, how do we stop blaming others for our own shortcomings? According to Adams, we need to take control of who we are. But she doesn’t stop there. Rather, she discusses her own situations in which this lesson has been learned and outlines the course of action she used to help her attain her goals. The format of this book is easy to follow and the “how-to’s so logical that readers will find themselves nodding and wondering “Why didn’t I think of this?”.
Life 101
For the Young and Young at Heart!
by Caren A. Adams
BookSurge Publishing, 2005
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