Day & Overnight Hikes
Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace
by Johnny Molloy
The master path of the great Bluegrass State, the Sheltowee Trace graces 282 miles of Kentucky hills and hollows. This path was the 100th designated federal national recreation trail and is named in honor of Daniel Boone. Sheltowee, meaning Big Turtle, was the name given to Boone when he was adopted into the Shawnee tribe as the son of the great war chief, Blackfish. While being pursued by the Shawnee, Boone hid beneath the waters of a creek, breathing through a reed "straw," thus earning his nickname. Hikers who tread this trail will be "following the turtle," a white turtle blazed on trees, from the trail's southern terminus in Tennessee's Pickett State Park, north through the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The trail continues through the length of the Daniel Boone National Forest nearly to the state of Ohio. Complete with detailed maps, elevation profiles, and detailed descriptions of the trail, author Johnny Molloy's Day & Overnight Hikes: Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace is the ultimate resource for all levels of hikers. Each day and overnight hike described provides valuable information such as trail length, condition, difficulty, and clear directions to the trailhead. Whether it's a day hike along the Cumberland River, an overnight trip in the Daniel Boone National Forest, or an all-out assault on the entire 282 miles, all hikers will need and appreciate the first-hand information gathered and presented by Molloy.
Day & Overnight Hikes
Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace
by Johnny Molloy 
Menasha Ridge Press, 2004
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