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Indoor! Grilling
by Steven Raichlen 
Heat up the Foreman. Plug in your rotisserie! Make meals in your fireplace and start using that fancy range-top grill. In a marriage made in BBQ heaven, Steven Raichlen, America's grilling guru, brings his mastery of live-fire cooking to the world of indoor grilling. Now, neither snow nor rain nor gloom of apartment regulations will stay the cook from achieving spectacular grilled flavors.

In a contact grill (over 25% of American households own one, with 40 million Foremans alone sold since 1995), make Calgary Hot Wings; Pepper Jack Cheeseburgers with Slow-Burn Jalapeño; Moroccan Grilled Salmon; two dozen panini, cubanos, croque-monsieurs, and muffulettas; and Victory Chicken, the recipe that powered Steven Raichlen to his Iron Chef win. 

Expand the countertop rotisserie repertoire with Chinese Barbecued Spare Ribs, Leg of Lamb with Garlic Mint Wet Rub, Thai Thighs, and Maple and Cinnamon Spit-Roasted Sweet Potatoes. There are recipes for grill pans, indoor smokers, built-ins on upscale home ranges, and the most basic tool of all -- the fireplace.

Sidebars show how to cook most recipes on alternative devices, and tips and techniques abound--how to turn a wok into an indoor smoker, brush bread with olive oil for true crisp-crusted panini, and pick the perfect "grilling" banana--to cook perfectly on a contact grill.

Indoor! Grilling
by Steven Raichlen 
Workman Publishing, 2004
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