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Indian Views Of The Custer Fight
A Source Book
by Richard G. Hardorff
On June 25, 1876, in the valley of the Little Bighorn, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and 262 soldiers of the Seventh Cavalry met defeat and death at the hands of an overwhelming force of Lakota and Cheyenne Indians.

In this valuable source book, Richard G. Hardorff presents thirty-five interviews and statements from Indians who were eyewitnesses to the battle. 

Once  the horse masters the basic exercises, the rider not only has a very ridable horse but one that can perform and advance in almost any discipline for which it is suited-from western pleasure and performance riding to show jumping and dressage.

Here is the story of the battle as told from the vantage point of Lakota and Cheyennes, from the time at which the soldiers were first detected on their march toward the Indian settlement, to the bitter end, as the Indians packed up and moved their camps. Extracted from letters, newspaper articles, army reports, and manuscripts, these rare firsthand accounts — from such key participants as Crazy Horse, Crow King, Two Moons, and Turning Hawk — offer new perspectives on the 1876 events. Hardorff supplements the accounts with explanatory notes, background information about the combatants, and eight maps illustrating the positions of the fighters during the battle.

Indian Views Of The Custer Fight
A Source Book
by Richard G. Hardorff
University of Oklahoma Press, 2005.
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