Herbal Harvest
Commercial Organic Production 
of Quality Dried Herbs
by Greg Whitten 
This is the most comprehensive book on organic herb production in print. In over 550 pages Greg Whitten covers all facets of commercial organic herb-growing: the state of the herb industry, site selection, climate, irrigation, weed management, propagation, trial plots, composting, pests and diseases, harvesting, drying processing and marketing, innovative tool design, personal health, and more. Individual crops are organised by gowth type (such as spreading herbs, perennial crown herbs, trees and shrubs, annuals, biennials and short-lived perennials), plus the author includes chapters on wildcrafting herbs. Each plant section has detailed photographs and illustrations depicting foliage, flowers, and roots for easy identifications as well as harvesting techniques and tools. Information charts for growing, harvesting, drying, and marketing each of the species can be found at the back for a quick reference guide.
Herbal Harvest
Commercial Organic
Production of Quality Dried Herbs
by Greg Whitten 
Bloomings Books, 2004.
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