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A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm
by Nicola Smith 
If you’re interested in where our food comes from, read Harvest, an intimate portrait of a small Vermont farm. Jennifer Megyesi and Kyle Jones put everything on the line — their ideals alongside their savings — to start Fat Rooster Farm. By tapping into the interest in organic goods, the couple hope to succeed where other farmers have failed. The number of American farms is dropping every day, yet we are still fascinated by the idea of the farmer checking his crops, the sheep out at pasture, cows trailed by their calves. 

Harvest gives us insight into the life of a farm run on a small scale, by family, with support from the community. It’s about the bucolic scenes of maple syrup gathering and a young boy trailing his parents, helping with chores. But it’s also about the day-to-day reality of family life: arguments over work, money, and child-rearing, as well as disputes over who is going to take produce to market or how many animals to keep. Life and death are in stark relief here, but ultimately 

Harvest is about relationships: the relationship between husband and wife, parent and child, man and land. It’s a book that will surprise and ultimately captivate you.

A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm
by Nicola Smith 
The Lyons Press, 2004.
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