Half-Baked Gourmet
cookbook series 
by HP Books
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The Half-Baked Gourmet series allows would-be gourmet chefs -- with more ambition than time or talent -- to prepare their favorite meals while discovering lots of "gourmet" dishes they may have thought beyond their culinary skills.

Family Suppers features many family favorites plus lots of easy gourmet dishes that readers may have thought beyond their culinary talent, wallet, or time.

Pasta offers heavenly pasta dishes that can be made presto, with five-step-or-fewer instructions and illustrations. Author Jean Galton collects more than 200 recipes not-quite-from-scratch recipes with illustrations. 

Also in this series:
Half-Baked Gourmet: Desserts
Half-Baked Gourmet: Party Foods


Half-Baked Gourmet
Family Suppers 
by Mary Jane Henderson
HP Books, 2005.
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Half-Baked Gourmet
by Jean Galton
HP Books, 2005.
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