Getting Old Without Getting Anxious
Conquering Late-Life Anxiety
by Peter Rabins
Informative and full of hope, Getting Old Without Getting Anxious assists older people and their caregivers in overcoming one of the more crippling and misunderstood hu-man afflictions: anxiety. Geriatric psychiatrist and bestselling author of The 36-Hour Day, Dr. Peter Rabins explains that the many changes that occur as a person ages can trigger severe and life-altering anxiety, often destroying lives.

Anxiety is often dismissed as simply a by-product of old age. Yet Dr. Rabins shows that experiencing life as an older person does not mean living in fear, and he provides the tools to help people break free from the debilitating grasp of their disorders. Stories from patients encourage and motivate both those suffering from mental illness and their caregivers.

Magnetic North
Conquering Late-Life Anxiety
by Peter Rabins
Avery, 2005.
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