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Flavored Butters
Nuts, Dairy, Herbs, Fruit
by Offerico Maoz 
Once used in medicines and ointments, butter is now a luxurious component in all of our favorite foods an essential ingredient in desserts, a base for creamy sauces, and a simple spread for breads and pastries. In Flavored Butters, food writer Offerico Maoz explores the history and culinary possibilities of this age-old dairy product, presenting more than 65 mouth-watering recipes for flavored butters and sauces, including instructions for making butter by hand. Rebounding from a bad rep in the 1980s, butter is making a comeback as recent studies confirm its health virtues over trans-fatty substitutes like margarine, shortening, and cooking sprays. Complete with recipes for low-calorie and nondairy butters, Flavored Butters provides a fresh repertoire of sumptuous spreads so you can indulge away in this delicious, no-longer-guilty pleasure.

Flavored Butters
Nuts, Dairy, Herbs, Fruit
by Offerico Maoz 
Ten Speed Press, 2005.
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