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Fish Catching Methods of the World
by editors Otto Gabriel, Klaus Lange, Erdmann Dahm, and Thomas Wendt
In the sixteen years since the last edition of Von Brant’s classic work was published, fishing and fisheries have undergone vast changes. Not only has there been great progress in the development of new tools, materials and techniques, but the industry has seen an increasing need to address controversial issues such as declining fish stocks, enormous quantities of bycatch and discard and the impact of towed fishing gear on the environment. Fully revised and updated to reflect such changes, the fourth edition of this widely read and popular book offers a unique, comprehensive survey of the evolution of fishing methods throughout the world.

Approximately 750 illustrations showing the extensive range of methods, techniques and equipment used in fishing across the globe

Fishing gear classified according to the FAO system.

Additional chapters: Fishing Effects on Fish Stocks and Environment and Fishery and Gear Research

All researchers, fisheries scientists, fisheries students, administrators and libraries in universities and research establishments where fish and fisheries are studied and taught will find this book a valuable addition to their shelves. Commercial and sports fishermen will also find Fish Catching Methods of the World a fascinating and vital reference..

Fish Catching Methods of the World
Fish Catching Methods of the World
by editors Otto Gabriel, Klaus Lange, Erdmann Dahm,  and Thomas Wendt
Blackwell Publishing, 2005.
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