Fire Mountains of the West
The Cascade and Mono Lake Volcanoes 
by Stephen L. Harris 
Fire Mountains of the West is intended for the general reader with an interest in the geologic forces that shape our western mountainscape. It begins with an introduction to volcanoes, the processes that create them, and the glaciers that sculpt them. The heart of the book is a fascinating biography of each of the major volcanoes of the West. From the subterranean lava tube caves of the Medicine Lake volcano to the fire-and-ice formation of Mount Garibaldi, from the cataclysmic collapse of Crater Lake to the incinerating blast of modern Mount St. Helens, and from deadly volcanic gas presently killing trees at Mammoth Mountain to massive mudflows waiting to burst from Mount Rainier, Stephen Harris brings to life in dynamic, crystal-clear language the geologic story behind each of the major volcanoes of the Cascade Range and Mono Lake area.
Fire Mountains of the West
The Cascade And Mono Lake Volcanoes
by Stephen L. Harris 
Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2005
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