Feng Shui Food
by Steven Saunders and Simon Brown
According to the principles of Feng Shui, chi energy is present in all things, including the food you eat and the places in which you eat it. Here you will learn how to manipulate chi energy to bring about positive changes in your life and that of your family and guests by the choice of ingredients; the methods you use to prepare, cook, and serve them; and even the way you decorate your table.

This innovative cookbook provides over 100 delicious Feng Shui-inspired dishes. Each of these healthy, nutritious recipes provides the perfect energy balance for your changing needs. And they taste wonderful too! Included are:

  • Complete menu plans
  • Advice on how to plan and serve the right food for different occasions-from a romantic dinner or family gatherings to a formal business lunch
  • Tips for celebratory meals for weddings, children's parties, and summertime open-air feasts
  • How to "read" a restaurant's décor, layout, and location to ensure you choose the right venue whenever you dine out.
Feng Shui Food
Feng Shui Food
by Steven Saunders and Simon Brown
The Lyons Press, 2003.
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