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Dog Tricks
How To Teach Your Dog To Dance And Dazzle
by Karen Sykes, Kath Hardman and Lesley Neville
Dog Tricks is a fun and easy how-to book and accompanying kit that provides straightforward know-how to teach even an old dog new tricks. With this simple guide your pooch will master amazing tricks that will leave your friends and their "average" dogs stupefied. The Dog Tricks training package includes a 32-page instruction book complete with four-color art, a mini-soccer ball, eight mini trick-training cones, and the crucial invisible magic dust. Equipped with these common tools, you'll be able to teach your dog unbelievable stunts such as: 
  • Walk Yourself, and Don't Be Long
  • Dance the Shimmy 
  • Take a Bow 
  • Dribble Like Diego 
  • Find My Glasses 
Teaching your dog to perform tricks like these will not only be great fun for you both, but will enrich your dog's life, help with general obedience training, and help him make new friends and influence people. With this remarkable kit, you won't limit your pooch to a life of mediocrity!

Dog Tricks
How To Teach Your Dog To Dance And Dazzle
by Karen Sykes, Kath Hardman, and Lesley Neville
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2005
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