Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Texas
by John M. Dole, Walter B. Gerard and John M. Nelson 
Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Texas focuses on one hundred butterfly species common to the southern plains, a crucial crossroads region of the central United States. Each species is illustrated with one to four color photographs of butterflies in free flight and other natural settings. These candid shots are a welcome departure from the dried-and-pinned specimen photographs of some field guides. Photographs are placed alongside each butterfly's physical description and natural history, eliminating the need to flip between galleries and text. Other unique features include: 
  • modern terminology that general readers will understand 
  • descriptions of twenty prime butterfly spotting sites in the tri-state region 
  • information on how to raise butterflies from larval to adult stages 
  • an extensive bibliography of additional resources. 
With increasing interest in butterfly gardening, many readers will appreciate practical how-to chapters for planning, installing, and maintaining a custom butterfly sanctuary in their own yards. 

Butterflies of Oklahoma, 
Kansas, and North Texas
by John M. Dole, 
Walter B. Gerard 
and John M. Nelson 
Bloomings Books, 2004.
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