Brushed by Feathers
A Year Of Birdwatching In The West
by Frances Wood 
Intriguing factual essays written for the casual nature lover and the experienced bird-watcher. Accompanied by vivid line drawings and quotes from noted naturalists, Brushed by Feathers is a muse for all. 

Includes month-by-month introductions to birds of the West — from backyard feeders to wetland, forest, and waterway inhabitants.

Describes more than 150 western United States and Canadian birds, in locales from Kenai, Alaska, to southeastern Arizona.

Also includes folklore, native traditions, and insights into bird identification, migration, breeding, and other activities.

Brushed by Feathers
Brushed By Feathers
A Year Of Birdwatching 
In The West
by Frances Wood
Fulcrum Publishing, 2004.
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