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Birding Washington
by Natalie McNair-Huff and Rob McNair-Huff 
Washington State's diverse natural habitats offer resident and visiting birders opportunities to see more than 480 bird species. From the Sitka spruce forests and the Olympic Peninsula's rocky coast to the subalpine habitats of the Cascade Mountains and the farm fields and apple orchards in the northeast, this comprehensive guide profiles seventy bird-watching sites across the state.

Maps and photographs accompany easy-to-read, lively descriptions of each site, and at-a-glance information puts everything you need to know about enjoying the experience right at your fingertips. Look inside to find:

• descriptions and maps of each site
• when to go, where to stay, and what to take
• details on seasonal migrations
• information on rarely seen birds, bird-watching events, and national and state birding organizations
• special sections on pelagic birding, birds in the city, and birding with children

Whether you are a seasoned or novice bird-watcher, let Birding Washington lead you to superb birding across the state.

Birding Washington
Birding Washington
by Natalie McNair-Huff and Rob McNair-Huff 
Falcon, 2004
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