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Been There, Done That 
Travels From Your Armchair
by Ewan Carpenter 
Travel purges the soul, awakens the senses, and questions a person's very existence. But it's not for everyone. Some people don't have the money or inclination to travel, but they do have the curiosity. This book will lead readers to twenty-five of the world's greatest sporting events and festivals, giving them all they need to convince their friends that they have run with the bulls at Pamplona, driven in the Monaco Grand Prix, participated in the Wife-Carrying race in Finland, and so much more. We'll even give them the photographs to prove it. They can just paste their pictures in the slots provided and voila! Their scrapbook will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Filled with facts and figures, tales and tribulations, this little book will lead armchair travelers to adventures they never even dreamed of--and perhaps inspire them to actually go there and do that themselves. 

Been There, Done That 
Travels From Your Armchair
by Ewan Carpenter
Insider's Guide, 2005
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