At the End of Ridge Road
by Joseph Bruchac
A noted teller of the traditional tales of the Adirondacks and of Native peoples everywhere, Joseph Bruchac has performed throughout the world. That gift for narrative informs this revealing autobiography. Tracing his progression from a child in the Adirondacks to self-confessed "nature nut" to jock to acclaimed writer, Bruchac mines his own rich history and the wisdom from his Abenaki culture to teach life lessons. At the End of Ridge Road begins with a request that readers remove their watches in order to "live time" rather than be ruled by it, and from there explores, through Bruchac's own experiences, the enduring wisdom that native cultures from Africa to America have long known. Embracing "the circle as a way of seeing," learning a new way of understanding time, being a keeper rather than a user of Earth - these are some of the timeless truths in this powerful book.
At the End of Ridge Road
by Joseph Bruchac 
Milkweed Editions, 2005
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