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The Armchair James Beard
by John Ferrone
For more than four decades, in dozens of national magazines and newspapers, James Beard offered recipes and advice that collectively are nothing short of encyclopedic. Portions of Beard’s articles were harvested for his cookbooks, but much of his writing survived only the month, week, or day in which it appeared in a given publication.

This award-winning volume brings to light sixty-five articles, including three selections never before published, and is the only collection to draw on the full scope of Beard’s magazine journalism and his syndicated column.

Together, these pieces cover Beard’s broad range of expertise — from advice on the proper way to peel garlic to wise words on the best time to feast on cassoulet. The collected articles become a memoir, granting glimpses of his childhood in Portland, Oregon, family summers by the sea, early catering experiences in New York City, and glory days as America’s best-loved gourmand: dining on both sides of the Atlantic, in bistros, in dining cars, and at home. 

Full of the opinionated master’s notions of good food and the good life, The Armchair James Beard is meant for browsing and meditating on food, rather than for cooking. But it does contain 130 recipes, so it is sure to send readers back to the kitchen to try their hands at the tempting dishes that Beard sets forth in this charming collection.

The Armchair James Beard
by John Ferrone 
The Lyons Press, 2004.
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