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American Farm Collectibles
Identification and Price Guide 
by Russell E. Lewis 
The landscape of American farming changed dramatically in the century between 1850 and 1950. Horse-drawn mechanical reapers replaced hand scythes used to harvest grain; later, the mechanical reapers were replaced by steam engine-powered threshing machines. Horses, originally used to pull the powerful machinery, were replaced with tractors. Eventually, all these systems became obsolete with the invention of self-propelled combines.

These good old days of agriculture are represented in a wealth of antiques from the period. Collectors of antique farm pieces will love this fantastic reference, which documents popular collectibles such as horse hardware, tools, farm implements, kitchen items, advertising, seed catalogs, toys, and countless print items including John Deere manuals, calendars and magazines.

Current pricing information for the collectibles accompanies over 1,000 photographs! The book also devotes an entire chapter to farm items from 1905. 
American Farm Collectibles
American Farm Collectibles
Identification and Price Guide
by Russell E. Lewis 
Krause Publications, 2005.
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