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Albert Einstein's Vision
Remarkable Discoveries 
That Shaped Modern Science
by Barry Parker 
Acclaimed science writer Parker completes his trilogy on Einstein with this new work which introduces a wealth of new material and shows the incredibly wide-ranging influence of Einstein's many discoveries. 

In the first volume, Einstein's Brainchild, Parker focused on relativity. In the second volume, Einstein: The Pasions of a Scientist, the great man's human side and his diverse interests beyond science were Parker's main topic. 

Now the author turns once again to Einstein as creative scientist, concentrating on his prolific output of far-reaching contributions that complement and broaden his discovery of relativity. Moreover, Parker provides an indelible portrait of the man behind the theories. 

In clear and eloquent language, Parker helps us appreciate the breadth and richness of Einstein's vision, discussing the renowned scientist's lesser-known contributions, from Einstein's theories supporting time travel, to his research on curved space, the cosmological constant, black holes, wormholes, gravity waves, and cosmic lenses, to quantum theory, and beyond. Parker also discusses Einstein's reluctant connection with atomic weapons, his pacifist philosophy, his quest for the elusive unified theory that occupied thirty years of his life, and the relationship of his work to the recent "hot" area of superstrings. 

Even readers already familiar with Einstein's work will discover a wealth of new material in this contribution to the Einstein literature. Parker's gift for turning complex physics into lucid prose has produced the most complete and accessible volume to elucidate for everyone the magnificent contributions of the most brilliant of scientists.

Albert Einstein's Vision
Remarkable Discoveries 
That Shaped Modern Science
by Barry Parker 
Prometheus Books, 2004.
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