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October 13

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P.M. To Cliffs.
Many maples have lost all their leaves and are shrunk all at once to handsome clean gray wisps on the edge of the meadows, where, crowded together, at a distance they look like smoke. This is a sudden and important change, produced mainly, I suppose, by the rain of Sunday, l0th. The autumnal tints have commonly already lost their brightness. It lasts but a day or two.

Corn-spurry and spotted polygonum and polygala. Fair Haven Pond, methinks, never looks so handsome as at this season. It is a sufficiently clear and warm, rather Indian-summer day, and they are gathering the apples in the orchard. The warmth is more required, and we welcome and appreciate it all.

The shrub oak plain is now a deep red, with grayish, withered, apparently white oak leaves intermixed. The chickadees take heart, too, and sing above these warm rocks.

Birches, hickories, aspens, etc., in the distance, are like innumerable small flames on the hillsides about the pond. The pond is now most beautifully framed with the autumn-tinted woods and hills. The water or lake, from however distant a point seen, is always the centre of the landscape.

Fair Haven lies more open and can be seen from more distant points than any of our ponds. The air is singularly fine-grained; the sward looks short and firm. The mountains are more distinct from the rest of the earth and slightly impurpled.

How peaceful great nature! There is no disturbing sound, but far amid the western hills there rises a pure white smoke in constant volumes.
October 13, 1852
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