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Snowy Egret, Vol. 75, #1
Snowy Egret, Vol. 75, #1

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Walking Seasonal Roads

Walking slows the thoughts to the pace of meditation and mindfulness, There is probably no other activity that affords us the ease of connecting mind, body and place.

Walking Seasonal Roads

by Mary A. Hood
Syracuse University Press, 2012

"Seasonal roads" are rights-of-way or routes of travel not maintained throughout the year. No snowplow clears these lanes in winter and only the change of seasons reopens them for passage. Many are used to connect two more traveled roads and most pass through wooded or natural areas.

In this book, poet and conservationist Mary A. Hood describes her walks on fifteen such roads in rural Steuben County of southwestern New York State, immediately north of the Pennsylvania border.

"Each road provides and opening into events and issues concerning the environment," Hood explains. "Sometimes the road triggers what I know about certain plants and animals; sometimes the road leads into a natural history of a place; sometimes it leads to thoughts on the meaning and the ecology of our lives. The roads offer a means of relections, and, out of that thinking, an understanding of what is of value and how we might protect it may emerge."

Dirt Road Running through Forest in Autumn
Dirt Road Running through Forest in Autumn

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