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Snowy Egret, Vol. 75, #1
Snowy Egret, Vol. 75, #1

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The New Stokes Field Guide to BirdsRose-breasted Grosbeak

Shape: Fairly large, large-headed, broad-necked bird withy a short deep-based bill and relatively short tail typical of Pheucticus genus.

Voice: Song an extended fairly rapid series of mellow whistled notes, like toweet toweer taweeyah tawoo; calls include a metallic squeaky skeet and a high drawn-out eeee.

The New Stokes Field Guide to Birds

by Donald Stokes and Lillian Stokes
Little, Brown and Company, 2013

Based largely on the 2010 edition of The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America, the latest update to the authoritative series of birder field guides by Donald and Lillian Stokes divides the continent into Eastern and Western editions, which are more portable and easier to navigate.

Combined, the two volumes cover every known species in North America with range maps, color photos of all signifiicant plumages, descriptions of songs and calls, and behavioral details. Each species' listing describes its shape, plumage , flight, babitats, voice and subspecies.

Barn Swallow (hirundo Rustica)
Barn Swallow (hirundo Rustica) 

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Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern Region
Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs

Eastern Region