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Bird Watch


Bird Watch
A Survey of Planet Earth's Changing Ecosystems
Martin Walters
University Of Chicago Press, 2011

Like canaries in coal mines, the birds of the world are critical indicators of ecosystem health
. Wherever their populations are in decline and species survival is in question, something foul is in the air.

Complemented by stunning photographs, this book surveys eight major bird habitats across the planet - tropical and temperate forests, deserts, mountains, grasslands, Mediterranean scrub and heathlands, islands, and wetlands - and explains which bird species are in trouble and why.

More the 1,200 of the world’s endangered
birds are catalogued here in taxonomic order by family detailing unique characteristics, range, the number of species, and how many are considered threatened. A tabular listing of threatened birds is included with their listing status (endangered, vulnerable, etc), and common and scientific names.

The author discusses the causes of bird population loss in specific habitats and identifies the birds most at risk in each ecosystem. He concludes with conservation recommendations and a list of birding hotspots for travelers.

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