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Why We Can't Wait 

by Martin Luther King, Jr.
This book describes 1963 as the beginning of "the Negro revolution". It seeks to describe the historical events that led up to this revolution, and to explain why this revolution was non-violent. 

King seeks to describe this history because of how quickly it has become visible to America at large, and because of its importance in events to come.

Just as lightning makes no sound until it strikes, the Negro Revolution generated quietly. But when it struck, the revealing flash of its power and the impact of its sincerity and fervor displayed a force of a frightening intensity. Three hundred years of humiliation, abuse, and deprivation cannot be expected to find voice in a whisper.

Because there is more to come; because American society is bewildered by the spectacle of the Negro in revolt; because the dimensions are vast and the implications deep in a nation with twenty million Negroes, it is important to understand the history that is being made today.

Why We Can't Wait
Why We Can't Wait
by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Signet/NAL, 1964

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