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Top of the Heap
A Yankees Collection
by Glenn Stout

Top of the Heap is not just a metaphor of excellence, but a literal description.

I don’t collect baseball cards or uniforms or autographs or other memorabilia, and quite frankly I don’t understand those who do. But I do collect the sentences and paragraphs that provide the language of this game; the words vibrate between my ears in a way nothing else does. Ever since I was a kid I’ve stashed away the newspapers and magazines that spoke to me, and I have the nightmare of a basement, contact lenses, an understanding spouse, and the occasional bad back to prove it.

The Yankees, at first by accident and more recently by plan, have often been the subject of this passion. Several years ago I realized that this book already existed, that it lay buried somewhere in those piles of paper.

To create Top of the Heap I culled through that collection, supplemented by suggestions and submissions from some trusted colleagues to make sure I hadn’t missed anything essential. While other anthologies of this type have tended to exhaust the same familiar material again and again or to favor book excerpts over work from other sources, I wanted this volume to be not only better but different. So with only a few exceptions, I have chosen not to reprint work too well known, instead giving prominence to writing from newspapers, magazines, and other sources.

-- from the Introduction by Glenn Stout
Top of the Heap
Top of the Heap
A Yankees Collection
by Glenn Stout

Mariner Books, 2003
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