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The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo
by Nathan Muncaster 
In the 1860s a turbulent and battered Mexico fought for its survival against a French invasion. For a moment in time, the world order as we know it today was in question.

The nascent United States, an independent Mexico, Europe - the world's balance of power hung in the balance in a chaotic swirl of plots and intrigues.Yet from this struggle was born a deep national pride and sense of confidence as Mexico, too long a nation taken for granted, rose to the challenge and united in heroic resistance. 

Follow the action as the interests of Mexicans, Confederates, Unionists, French, and English collide. Emperors scheme and flail, soldiers fight and die, nations clash and in the vortex, one young boy follows his heart to defend his country and become a man.
The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo
The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo
by Nathan Muncaster

Trafford, 2009
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