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The Semi-Artificial Man
A Dawning Revolution In Medicine
by Harold M Schmeck
The semi-artificial man is not a character from science fiction. He is already a medical reality. And he is already a matter of grave concern to those doctors and scientists who have begun to wonder about his possible significance for the future of human society.

What do we mean by the term "semi-artificial man"? Imagine an elderly man who wears glases, uses a hearing aid, and walks with a cane. So far, not so difficult. But suppose he also had serious heart trouble and, through surgery, his main artery has been replaced by a Teflon tube and his heartbeat is regulated by an electronic pacemaker. A little harder on the imagination but still, medically, quite possible.

Within the next few years this man, or others like him, will probably be able to avail himself of other artificial -- or borrowed -- organs. Lungs, liver, even a completely new heart, are all currently in the testing stage. When science finally breaks through the "immunological barrier," which is the body's automatic defense mechanism against outside invasion, it will be possible to replace almost any defective organ by transplanting a healthy one from another human.
The Semi-Artificial Man
The Semi-Artificial Man
A Dawning Revolution In Medicine
by Harold M Schmeck

Walker and Company, 1965
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