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The Physiology of Crop Yield
by Robert Hay and John R. Porter
First published in 1989, Physiology of Crop Yield was the first student textbook to digest and assimilate the many advances in crop physiology, within a framework of resource capture and use. Retaining the central core of the first edition, this long-awaited second edition draws on recent developments in areas such as phenology, canopy dynamics and crop modelling, and the concepts of sustainable crop production. A broad perspective is developed, from the gene through the plant and crop to the ecosystem, covering:

    * Advances in molecular biology relating to crop science
    * Limitation of crop yield by the supply of water or nitrogen
    * Global climate change and its impact on crop modelling
    * Physiological aspects of crop quality
    * A wider range of species, with emphasis on wheat, maize and soybean

This book will be a valuable tool for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of agricultural science, plant science, applied ecology and environmental science. It will be an essential addition to all libraries in universities and relevant research establishments.
The Handbook of Organic and Fair Trade Food Marketing
The Physiology of Crop Yield
by Robert Hay and John R. Porter

Blackwell Publishing , 2007.
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